The Karmacy is Michigan’s premiere Medical Cannabis Research Collective. At The Karmacy, patients can be placed with a caregiver, who can provide them safe access to a large variety of laboratory-tested medicine. The Karmacy has developed a unique patient trial research program called the Strain Selection Assistance Program (SSAP). Using this program paired with Applied Analytical Laboratory’s comprehensive analysis, we identify what cannabinoids and/or strain genetics help the individual patient’s condition(s). The intent of this program is to provide every patient with a personalized regimen tailored to their specific ailment(s) or condition(s). Participation will help them narrow down what works best for them.

The Karmacy has a large variety of medicine that have different methods of consumption. Patients can benefit from ingesting cannabis orally, sublingually, through inhalation, or by applying it topically. Studies have shown that when orally consumed, the effects of cannabis last much longer. For patients who prefer oral consumption, The Karmacy has a wide variety of edibles, beverages, capsules, and simpson oil. There are tinctures that work great for a more instant relief, and over 30 strains of plant matter for those who prefer to inhale cannabis.

The Karmacy will always remain in total compliance with local ordinances, the MMMA and State law. No patient-to-patient transfers will be allowed on the premises. All transfers will be from a caregiver to their registered patient. No use of medicine will be permitted on the premises. Our goal is to further public education and scientific research and lead the field in the medical marijuana community./p>