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When will my order ship?

Orders are shipped within 48 hours of receiving excluding holidays and weekends. 

Estimated arrival depends on your location in relation to our fulfillment center in Miami, FL - typically between 1-3 days for domestic orders; 7-21 days for international. 

You'll be notified once your package has been shipped with a tracking number to follow the package.

Order can take anywhere between 7-21 days to arrive. You'll receive two tracking numbers, one is a DHL which will be active until the package the reaches the destination country, and a second tracking number to follow the package once it's within the destination country. If you do not receive your second tracking number, please contact us and we'll be happy to send this to you.  

The Karmacy Adaptogen Infusions


What do The Karmacy's adaptogen powders taste like?

Our adaptogen blends each vary in flavor, depending on which one you're trying! Focus Pocus tastes like butterscotch with notes of cinnamon. Passion Potion has a nutty flavor with hints of cacao. And Glow Flow is slightly fruity with some kick (due to cayenne extract). It has a subtle flavor that will only change the flavor of whatever you're enjoying it in slightly. 

How do you source your ingredients?

We source and produce thoughtfully. We care deeply about what we put into our bodies, the health of the environment, and the quality of our herbs. Our ingredients will always be organic, processed so the herbs are bioavailable, and grown domestically when possible.  


How are your mushrooms processed?

Our mushrooms are a 1:1 extract and are hot water extracted to increase solubility of the important active compound, beta-glucans. The powder is extracted for 3 hours and then sent to a spray drier which results in a fine powder. The mushrooms are never separated from the extraction fluid, meaning nothing from the original mushrooms have been lost or discarded! Our mushrooms are tested each harvest to ensure that the beta-glucan concentration is high and active. 


How long is the powder good for?

Our Karmacy adaptogen powder has a shelf life of 3 years. Please store your adaptogen powder in a dark cool place to maximize quality.


I'm pregnant or breastfeeding, are these herbs safe to take?

Though it is generally agreed upon by herbalists that adaptogens are safe to take postpartum, ask your physician/acupuncturist/herbalist about these herbs and whether you should take them during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


How often should I take the Karmacy's adaptogen powders?

To feel the biggest impact on these incredible herbs, take on a daily basis! You can consume our adaptogen powder any time of the day.

How many servings can I take in a day? Can I take too much?

Adaptogens are considered to be non-toxic. With this in mind, you can take 3 servings in a day.


Can I place an order to carry The Karmacy products in my store?

Please! See our wholesale guide for more information and to place an order.



We want you to be happy with your purchase. Although we cannot take any opened product back, if you are unhappy with your order, please contact us within 14 days of purchase.  



As a small yet mighty company, we are growing and adding new roles! We strive to bring on people with diverse backgrounds that feel the magic of adaptogenic herbs and excited to spread the word. We are currently looking for brand ambassadors. If you're drawn to The Karmacy,  our mission + vision, please send us an email at hello@thekarmacy.com.