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10 Reasons You Need Adaptogens In Your Daily Ritual

You're hearing about adaptogens everywhere, or at least enough to have made it to this website. Also, you may or may not know why adaptogens are a must if you're anyone living in the 21st century (in this current life). If you didn't already know, here are 10 reasons:

1. Help you chill da fuck out

for the most over-used, yet accurate, definition of adaptogens: medicinal herbs and mushrooms that help your body adapt to stress. That's right, they don't REDUCE stress, however they do aid the body in how it reacts to stress. In supporting the HPA Axis's stress response, they are, in effect, hoping you chill the F out.

2. Boost your immune system

3. Some increase your energy

4. Balance Hormones

5. Antioxidant powerhouses

6. Taste delicious

7. Connect you to nature

8. Increase mindfulness

9. Great conversation starter

10. Wean you off coffee

I didn't take my adaptogens today, thus I cannot finish this post. I want to hit publish because I like to feel as though I've accomplished a goal today.