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The Magick of Mushrooms

Did you know that fungi are more closely related to humans than they are to plants?

Actually, it turns out that 1.1 billion years ago animals and fungi split off from plants. They share a common ancestor and it was only later that animals and fungi separated genealogically.

This may explain why we feel super connected to our shroomy friends, here at The Karmacy. All of our formulas are infused with at least one medicinal mushroom, and include supporting plants and herbs that work in harmony with the karmashroom. Not only does this amplify the benefits of both the adaptogens and the mushrooms, but it leads to a perfect synergy in the body, unifying you with your plant allies.

That being said, this blog post was really just an excuse to share our favorite new movie with you! If you haven't seen "Fantastic Fungi", its a must. It dives into the magickal mystery world of fungal wonder.

watch this trailer to see more :

hope you were inspired as we are by this video!

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