Glow Flow


Exude beauty, attract what you radiate. 
Glow Flow features antioxidant-rich superherbs + mushrooms that brighten and lighten from the inside out. This infusion aids in processing physical, mental, and emotional stress while enhancing external radiance, so you look as rejuvenated as you feel.*

    • Organic Chaga potent source for anti-oxidants and melanin. known as skin-sexifying shroom.
    • Organic Amla aids in protecting the skin from oxidative stress
    • Organic Schisandra traditionally used for its moisturizing properties and to promote skin clarity*
    • Organic Ashwagandha helps minimize the effects of stress on skin and ageing.
    • Organic Goji increases circulation and aids in skin detoxification.
    • Organic Beetroot anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used in the treatments of conditions such as acne

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